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Hangeul Culture Projects

  • ·  Hangeul Handwriting Contest:
    This is a competition created so that the computer generations, who are increasingly losing opportunities to write with their hands, can acquire the habit and beautiful Hangeul handwriting styles can be developed. The contest has been held every September and the winners have been selected and awarded on October 9, Hangeul Day, since 2012.
  • ·  Test Your Korean Vocabulary:
    To revitalize and preserve native Korean vocabulary, the Society holds the “Test Your Korean Vocabulary” event each month through the Hangeul Newsletter and its Facebook page.
  • ·  National language purification activities:
    The Society has steadfastly engaged in national language purification activities to correct the use environment of the Korean language and script and to promote the development of a desirable Hangeul culture. Through means including guidance regarding the purification of terms in the official documents of Korea’s government organs and private corporations, newspaper contributions, lectures, and writing contests, the Society has implemented national enlightenment activities to purify abstruse Sino-Korean words and loanwords of uncertain origins into plain Korean and, in recent years, has devoted itself to changing difficult administrative terms into plain Korean together with other Hangeul-related organizations. In addition, to block the policy of mixing Hangeul and Chinese characters in primary school Korean language textbooks currently pursued by the Ministry of Education, the Society has engaged in activities including: the issuance of public statements; protest visits to the Ministry of Education; interviews with members of the Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee of the National Assembly (Korean legislature); and hosting of academic conferences.