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Korean Language as a Foreign Language

  • ·  With support from the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Institute of Korean Language (NIKL), the Society has steadfastly implemented the Korean language teachers abroad invitation and training project since 1997. After implementing the Korean Language Teachers Abroad Training Meetings annually, the Society has separately managed the Korean Language Teachers Abroad Invitation and Education and the Korean Language Experts Abroad Invitation and Education programs, whereby local Korean language teachers and experts worldwide are invited and retrained, since 2007 as well. Through these invitation training projects, over 600 Korean language teachers from more than 70 countries were invited to Korea and trained for 14 years until 2010. Those who have completed the training and returned to their respective countries continue to contact one another closely and to exchange information and data on Korean language education even now.
  • · The Society established the Korean Language Education Institute, an attached organ, in 2006. The Institute has conducted the Korean Language Test for Foreigner (KLT) jointly with Hyungseul Edutainment Media & Joy (Hyungseul EMJ) since 2015, when Professor Baek Bong-ja was inaugurated as the director. Targeting foreigners and ethnic Koreans abroad whose mother tongue is not Korean, this test measures their command of Korean through their understanding of and expressiveness in the language. For the KLT, KBS Everyday Korean (KBS Saenghwal Han-gugeo) has been published in a total of three volumes (beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels), with Director Baek Bong-ja of the Institute as the principal author. Intended for KLT preparation, these books are differentiated from other textbooks in that they are designed for Korean language classes offered through electronic learning (e-learning), thus enhancing learners’ autonomy. The Society administered trial sessions of the KLT during 2015-16 and has conducted official versions since the latter half of 2016.