For a better future for Korean language and Hangeul

Language is not merely a means of communication; it also shapes the minds of those who use it. On this basis, a unique culture is built and developed. In this respect, the Korean language is at the heart of forming our people’s spirit. Writing is only a secondary tool for recording spoken language, yet it is valuable in a manner distinct from that of speaking. Since King Sejong the Great created Hangeul, it has been a means of expression for Koreans. Due to the unique characteristics among the world's writing systems, Hangeul has become the most significant cultural icon of Korean culture.

Hangeul Hakhoe (The Korean Language Society) was started by senior scholars who were acutely aware of the significance of the Korean language and Hangeul. Our Society played a crucial role in preserving our history and culture during the Japanese colonial era by protecting the Korean language and Hangeul. I will carry on this excellent legacy as the president of the Korean Language Society and establish an organization that strives to enhance the future of Korean language and Hangeul. The Korean Language Society is an academic organization that studies the Korean language and Hangeul and applies its findings to real-world language use. In this respect, we will ensure a balance between research and practice.

We can now physically sense that the status of Korean and Hangeul has changed considerably. In other words, Korean and Hangeul are evolving in ways that have never been witnessed before in Korea. This is especially true for words and letters used by young generation. Some are concerned that Korean language and Hangeul are being destroyed, while others are pleased that the Korean language and Hangeul are becoming more diverse. Meanwhile, international interest in the Korean language and Hangeul is increasing everyday. The little wave of Hallyu that began decades ago has turned into a big wave, and the number of people who wish to learn the Korean language and Hangeul, the core of Korean culture, is rising drastically.

In line with this trend, our society will study Korean language and Hangeul, and disseminate research findings through various media, such as the academic journal Hangeul and monthly newsletter Hangeul Saesosik (News). Hangeul is the first academic journal published in Korea, and its 90-year publishing history makes it a representative academic journal for humanities research in Korea. Hangeul Saesosik is a monthly newsletter and the 600th issue is soon. By these publications, we will make every effort to improve the worth of our language and Hangeul. We look forward to your great interest and warm encouragement so that our society can further raise the status of our language and Hangeul.

KIM Juwon
President, The Korean Language Society